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BACKGROUND Mechanisms for increased cardiovascular risk in HIV-1-infected adults are incompletely understood, but platelet activation and immune activation leading to a prothrombotic state have been proposed as significant contributors. Aspirin has antiplatelet and immunomodulatory properties. We explored whether 1 week of low-dose aspirin attenuates(More)
We examined whether a brief education and a brief mindfulness exercise would reduce the effect of portion size on food intake. Participants were randomly assigned to one of the three information conditions (education, mindfulness, or control) and then received a small or large portion of pasta for lunch. Neither education nor mindfulness was effective in(More)
1. The performance of the semi-quantitative enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique (EMIT, Syva Corp.) for opiates and methadone has been examined as a screening procedure of urine samples from a methadone maintenance programme. The predictive value model that is based upon Bayesian statistics was used to determine screening levels for the EMIT assays. 2.(More)
Partial purification of bovine kidney alkaline phosphatase produced two fractions (F1, F2). Double immunodiffusion experiments using antiserum against the pooled kidney fractions showed a complete fusion of the precipitin line of bovine kidney F2 with those of bovine kidney F1, liver, bone, and placental alkaline phosphatases. No reaction was observed(More)
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