Karen Cates

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Plasma immunoglobulin concentrations of premature infants of birth weight less than 1500 g were measured longitudinally from birth to 10 months chronological age. Infants were divided into two groups based on gestational age (group I: 25-28 wk; group II: 29-32 wk). In the 1st wk of life, plasma IgG levels correlated with gestational age (r = 0.5, p less(More)
Antibody to the capsular polysaccharide (CP) of Haemophilus influenzae b (Hib) is bactericidal, opsonic, and protective. Minimum protective levels of primarily IgG antibody to Hib CP, calculated from passive immunization studies, have been found to be approximately .06-.15 microgram/ml of serum. The human response to antigenic challenge with the Hib(More)
The usefulness of a rapid diagnostic test in patient management depends on the sensitivity of the test, the clinical consequences of false-negative or false-positive results, the ease and cost of performance, and the timely availability of results. A test that is sensitive, specific, inexpensive, and rapid is presumed to be useful clinically. However, there(More)
A patient with mucocutaneous candidiasis and impaired polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PMN) chemotaxis is described. The patient's PMN chemotaxis was markedly decreased in the presence of autologous plasma but normal in control plasma. Cell-directed inhibitory activity was found in whole patient plasma as well as the 40% ammonium sulfate precipitate fraction of(More)
The two isotypes of the fourth complement component are C4A and C4B. C4B forms ester bonds more efficiently than C4A and so, in theory, is more likely than C4A to bind to polysaccharide capsules of encapsulated bacteria. Two studies have reported homozygous C4B deficiency in patients with meningitis or bacteremia caused by encapsulated organisms. In the(More)
We evaluated the formation of specific and functional antibody in preterm infants born weighing less than 1500 g (mean 1088 g) and less than 32 wk gestational age (mean 28.8 wk). Plasma IgG antibody against tetanus and diphtheria toxoids were measured by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Opsonic activity of heat-inactivated plasma was measured using(More)