Karen Bunning

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BACKGROUND Caring for a child with complex communication needs associated with a developmental condition frequently adds stress to the caregiver. Furthermore, professional assistance is scarce in low-income rural settings. For such children speech is frequently unachievable. Augmentative and alternative communication provides options for supplementing or(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with severe to profound and multiple intellectual disability (S-PMID) tend to function at the earlier stages of communication development. Variable and highly individual means of communicating may present challenges to the adults providing support in everyday life. The current study aimed to examine the communication interface between(More)
BACKGROUND Rehabilitation services are scarce in low-income countries, where under-representation of some specialist professions has led to the role extension of others. An example of this can be found in Kilifi in Kenya where the role of speech and language therapy has been taken on by occupational therapists and teachers. AIMS To investigate the(More)
Synthetic materials currently used for arterial grafts can provoke serious complications such as infection, rejection, and incomplete reendothelialization. Porcine small intestinal submucosa (SIS) allografts (homografts) may not share these disadvantages yet still may provide an effective graft alternative. This study was designed to provide additional(More)
PURPOSE Information regarding the nature, availability and distribution of rehabilitation services for children with disabilities across developing countries is scarce, and data that do exist are of variable quality. If planning and development are to progress, information about service provision is vital. The aim was to establish the scope and nature of(More)
Cultural narratives on disability have received much attention over the past few decades. In contexts of poverty, limited information and everyday challenges associated with having, or caring for someone with a disability, different understandings have emerged. A project was set up to promote disability awareness in neighborhood communities in a rural part(More)
A high level of unmet communication need exists amongst children with developmental disabilities in sub-Saharan Africa. This study investigated preliminary evidence of the impact associated with a home-based, caregiver-implemented intervention employing AAC methods, with nine children in rural Kenya who have complex communication needs. The intervention(More)
PURPOSE To identify the assessment instruments and relevant outcome measures used in randomised clinical trials (RCTs) relating to interventions for adults with communication disorders, and then examine and compare the domains of the outcome measures using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) as a reference tool. (More)
BACKGROUND Sharing personal experience in narrative is challenging for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The aim was to investigate the potential of Storysharing® (Storysharing is an innovative communication method based on personal narrative, which has been developed to support conversations with people who have severe difficulties in(More)
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