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PURPOSE Information regarding the nature, availability and distribution of rehabilitation services for children with disabilities across developing countries is scarce, and data that do exist are of variable quality. If planning and development are to progress, information about service provision is vital. The aim was to establish the scope and nature of(More)
A high level of unmet communication need exists amongst children with developmental disabilities in sub-Saharan Africa. This study investigated preliminary evidence of the impact associated with a home-based, caregiver-implemented intervention employing AAC methods, with nine children in rural Kenya who have complex communication needs. The intervention(More)
  • K Bunning
  • 1998
An intervention, termed 'Individualised Sensory Environment' (ISE), was developed for use with adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities (Bunning 1996). The aim was to affect positively the interactive behaviours displayed by clients in the natural environment: specifically; to reduce the level of non-purposeful engagement, characterised by(More)
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