Karen Bunnell

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BACKGROUND Acute pain is common after cardiac surgery and can keep patients from participating in activities that prevent postoperative complications. Accurate assessment and understanding of pain are vital for providing satisfactory pain control and optimizing recovery. OBJECTIVES To describe pain levels for 5 activities expected of patients after(More)
A search for the decay of the charmed meson Do t K’e+eis presented, based on data collected at the $(3770) resonance with the Mark III detector at SPEAR. No evidence for this process is found, resulting in an upper limit on the decay branching ratio of 1.7 x 10m3 at the 90% confidence level. Invited paper contributed to the XXIVth International Conference(More)
Head and neck cancer (HNC) patients experience treatment-related complications that may interfere with health-related quality of life (HRQOL). The purpose of this study was to describe the symptom experience (shoulder pain) and functional status factors that are related to global and domain-specific HRQOL at one month after HNC surgery. In this exploratory(More)
We have constructed and installed a pressurized straw vertex chamber in the Mark III experiment at the SLAC e+estorage ring SPEAR. The chamber consists of 12 concentric layers of straws, arrayed at radii between 5.4 cm and 13.0 cm from the interaction point. There are a total of 640 straws, each 8 mm in diameter and 84 cm long. We obtain an overall spatial(More)
R.M. Baltrusaitis, J. J. Becker, G.T. Blaylock, J.S. Brown, K.O. Bunnell, T.H. Burnett, R.E. C&sell, D. Coffman, V. Cook, D.H. Coward, S. Dado, D.E. Dorfan, G.P. Dubois, A.L. Duncan, K.F. Einsweiler, B.I. Eisenstein, R. Fabrizio, G. Gladding, F. Grancagnolo, R.P. Hamilton, J. Hauser, C.A. Heusch, D.G. Hitlin, L. Kiipke, W.S. Lockman, U. Ma&k, P.M. Mockett,(More)
J. Adler, J. J. Becker, G.T. Blaylock, T. Bolton, J.C. Brient, J.S. Brown, K.O. Bunnell, M. Burchell, T.H. Burnett, R.E. C&sell, D. Coffman, V. Cook, D.H. Coward, D.E. Dorfan, J.Drinkard, G.P. Dubois, A.L. Duncan, G. Eigen, K.F. Einsweiler, B.I. Eisenstein, T. Reese, C. Gatto, G. Gladding, C. Grab, R.P. Hamilton,* J. Hauser, C.A. Heasch, D.G. Hitlin, J.M.(More)
We present measurements of the two-body decays of the J/~/J into a vector and a pseudoscalar meson. The data, taken with the Mark III detector at the SLAC e+estorage ring SPEAR, consist of 5.8 x lo6 produced J/+ ‘s. The branching ratios for the J/lc, decays into pr, pr], pq’, w7r”, WV, WV’, c$q, do’, and K*K are measured; an upper limit on J/T/J + &r” is(More)
Pairs of 7 leptons produced at fi = 3.77 GeV have been studied in ep, ee and pp final states. The leptonic branching ratios have been measured to be B(r ---) evv) = 18.2 f 0.7 f 0.5% and B( 7 + IVY) = 18.0 f 1.0 f 0.6%. Limits have been set for the two-body decays 7 -+ eG and 7 + pG, where G is a light Goldstone boson. Submitted to Physical Review Letters *(More)
We present evidence for the exclusive reaction e+e+ D*Dir, observed 8 with the Mark III detector at the storage ring SPEAR. The Df is reconstructed in the &r* decay mode, while the D,*F is detected as a narrow peak in the recoil -mass distribution. The mass of the Di is found to be (2109.3 f 2.1 f 3.1) MeV/c2, yielding a D,*-D, mass difference of (137.9 f(More)
  • R M Baltrusaitis, D Coffman, +49 authors H J Willuteki
  • 1985
We present an analysis of the decay J/T/J + 747r in the final states 77rr+7r-7r+7rrand 77rT+7r07r-7r”. The branching fractions obtained are B(J/t,b + y?r+x-7r+7rr-) = (3.05 f 0.08 f 0.45) x 1O-3 and B(J/t,b + 77r+~07r-~o) = (8.3 f 0.2 f 3.1) x lO-3 for rnq,, less than 2 GeV/c 2. The 47r invariant mass distributions extend from 1.4 to 3.0 GeV/c2 showing(More)