Karen Bradshaw

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OBJECTIVE A proportion of children with oligoarthritis have an aggressive disease course. Identifying these children at presentation would help guide prognosis and management. We examined if magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of clinically unaffected joints is more sensitive than clinical assessment in identifying those at risk of developing arthritis in more(More)
The hereditary spastic paraplegias (HSPs) are a genetically heterogeneous group of disorders characterised by progressive corticospinal tract degeneration and the development of lower limb spasticity [1, 2]. Autoso-mal-dominant HSP is the most commonly inherited form of the disease and in this group, SPG4 mutations account for *40 % of cases [1]. The SPG4(More)
BACKGROUND The forkhead transcription factor Foxo3 is a master regulator and potent suppressor of primordial follicle activation. Loss of Foxo3 function in the mouse leads to premature ovarian failure (POF) due to global follicle activation. METHODS AND RESULTS Here, we show that the mouse Foxo3 locus is haploinsufficient, and that Foxo3-/+ females(More)
JAMI (Java-based Agglutination of Medical Information) is designed as a framework for integrating heterogeneous information systems used in healthcare related institutions. It is one of the implementations under the W3-EMRS project 1 aimed at using the World Wide Web (Web) to unify different hospital information systems. JAMI inherited several design(More)
Modelling tools are widely used by national parks, both within South Africa and in countries around the world. The modelling of animal behaviour, particularly in South Africa and other African countries, is well established. These models, however, tend to be developed with one particular application and species in mind and are not reusable in other(More)
The lack of multi-biometric fusion guidelines at the feature-level are addressed in this work. A feature-fusion framework is geared toward improving human identification accuracy for both single and multiple biometrics. The foundation of the framework is the improvement over a state-of-the-art uni-modal biometric verification system, which is extended into(More)
BACKGROUND Vaginal foreshortening after pelvic surgery or radiotherapy may lead to dyspareunia and decreased quality of life. Unfortunately, little literature exists regarding treatment options for this debilitating problem. Autologous buccal mucosal grafting has been previously reported for creation of a total neovagina and the repair of postvaginoplasty(More)
It is commonplace for students to enter university with skills deficiencies. However, this is cause for growing concern in the context of South Africa, as these `deficient' students are becoming more numerous. Public secondary schools in South Africa are failing to create students with adequate skills for careers in the STEM fields. This paper isolates(More)