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Data from 44 societies are used to explore sex segregation by field of study. Contrary to accounts linking socioeconomic modernization to a "degendering" of public-sphere institutions, sex typing of curricular fields is stronger in more economically developed contexts. The authors argue that two cultural forces combine in advanced industrial societies to(More)
Although efforts to characterize human movement through electroencephalography (EEG) have revealed neural activities unique to limb control that can be used to infer movement kinematics, it is still unknown the extent to which EEG can be used to discern the expressive qualities that influence such movements. In this study we used EEG and inertial sensors to(More)
In this paper, we investigate the value and challenges of observing movement experience in embodied design. We interviewed three design researchers selected from a CHI2014 panel on designing for the experiential body. For each designer, we analyzed a publication describing their process of observing movement experience. By analyzing the interviews and(More)
was an artful attempt to show through dance and music, an epidemic of failure in America's methods of educating its youth. Using pop iconic imagery and popular music, Triumph was a funky, hip, and engaging journey entertaining the concept of Disruption as a method to alleviate the problems facing a particular group of young people. This paper is a(More)
The authors compare determinants of labor force participation and occupational sex typing over a 20-year period for matched samples of American and Swiss women. Results indicate important cross-national differences in processes governing women's market careers. These are in line with the authors' predictions regarding mediating effects of specific cultural,(More)
Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) is an expert-based method by which Certified Movement Analysts observe and analyze movement. LMA is increasingly used in a variety of research fields, particularly when studying movement expressivity and computation where it is essential to generate an understanding of the observation process. In this paper we articulate the(More)
We examined the effects of purines and the pyrimidine UTP on cellular proliferation in the human astrocytoma cell line 1321N1. Treatment of cultured cells with 100 microM ATP or 2-chloroadenosine (2-CA) resulted in significant reductions in cell numbers after 2 days, whereas adenosine (ADO) exhibited a slower time course of inhibition of cell growth.(More)
Sept 2012 to date Postdoctoral Fellow in the project MovingStories Topic: Design of digital technologies based on epistemological approaches to understanding movement. Postdoctoral Fellow in the project Labodanse Topic: Online physiological and neurophysiologic measures for dance
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