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Lichen planus is a dermatologic disease of unknown etiology characterized by keratotic plaques on the skin. Many patients also harbor white lesions of the oral mucosa. The literature contains numerous reports of lichen planus-like lesions evolving in conjunction with the administration of a variety of pharmacologic agents. It is difficult, if not(More)
AIM The primary aim of the following study is to estimate the chronological age based on the stages of third molar development following the eight stages (A to H) method of Demirjian et al. (along with two modifications-Orhan) and secondary aim is to compare third molar development with sex and age. MATERIALS AND METHODS The sample consisted of 115(More)
Calcifying odontogenic cyst (COC) is an uncommon developmental odontogenic cyst first described by Gorlin in 1962. It is considered as extremely rare and accounts for only 1% of jaw cysts reported. Because of its diverse histopathology, there has always been confusion about its nature as a cyst, neoplasm or hamartoma. Several subclassifications have been(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have indicated that although malignant cells at the invasive tumor front, bare morphological resemblance to the cells at central portion of the tumor, their molecular character differs significantly. E-cadherin is a cell-cell adhesion molecule that connects epithelial cells. This study attempts to correlate the E-cadherin(More)
BACKGROUND The early detection of neoplasia is the prime aim of a diagnostician. Altered chromatin distribution is the earliest microscopic change observed in malignant transformation making it a valuable morphometric parameter. This study was aimed to assess and correlate the progressive changes in chromatin texture from normal to varying grades of(More)
BACKGROUND Carcinogenesis follows complex molecular alterations, which are triggered by subtle chromatin architectural changes that are imperceptible to the human eye. As the treatment decisions in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) are hindered by the imprecise clinical stage determination and inter-observer variability in histological grading, focus in(More)
Ghost cells have been a topic of controversy since a long time. The appearance of these cells in different lesions has given it varying terms. In lesions like that of Calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor (CCOT), these cells have been termed as 'Ghost cells' whereas similar descriptive cells have been called shadow/translucent cells in non-odontogenic lesions(More)
Aqueous biphasic systems (ABS) and aqueous biphasic extraction chromatographic (ABEC) resins are currently under investigation for their utility in the removal of color from textile plant wastes. The structures of several widely used food colorings, suggest that these dyes would also be retained on the resins. In work currently in progress, we have begun to(More)
Neurofibroma is a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor, usually found in association with Von Recklinghausen's disease of the skin. The solitary variant commonly occurs in the head and neck region, mostly affecting young adults. They are characteristically slow-growing masses, often asymptomatic and have been found most commonly in the tongue and buccal(More)