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Visualisation of complex phenomena can aid in understanding the interactions of multiple feature parameters that underlie such phenomena. One such example is the study of dementia, where fractal image measures obtained from post-mortem cortex images have been found useful in studying the relationship between micro-vascular structure and disease. In this(More)
Managing attrition rates and completion times of higher degree research students are key considerations for Universities as they are directly tied to future funding for research places. Even where higher degree research students are focused within a single discipline there are a number of risks that can impact on completion. However, there is also evidence(More)
In this paper we examined the role of informative sound in a simple decision-making game task. A within-subject experiment with 48 participants measured the response time, success rate and number of timeouts of the players in a number of eight-second decision tasks. As time proceeds, the task becomes easier at the risk of players timing out and reducing the(More)
An interesting area of study in management concerns the behavior and performance of enterprises under different operating conditions. Unfortunately it can be difficult to gather real world data to test the many theories in this area. Therefore we have developed an agent-based simulation that lets us experiment within an artificial market environment.(More)
Evidence from studies of provocative motion indicates that motion sickness is tightly linked to the disturbances of thermoregulation. The major aim of the current study was to determine whether provocative visual stimuli (immersion into the virtual reality simulating rides on a rollercoaster) affect skin temperature that reflects thermoregulatory cutaneous(More)