Karen Birmingham

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The Journal of Clinical Investigation | February 2004 | Volume 113 | Number 3 The UK is in the process of creating one. So are Iceland and Japan. Now, the US is planning to develop its own national biospecimen resource, specifically for cancer tissues. But the path to establishing this tissue bank is not proving straightforward, and the early stages of the(More)
For the scientific credibility of study results, longitudinal cohort studies need to invest time, money and creative thought in establishing and maintaining the maximum number of study participants. Although success depends to a large extent on the resources available, much can be achieved by establishing a culture of integrity and enthusiasm among study(More)
The University of Toronto (UT) and its affiliated hospitals have become embroiled in another controversy regarding their attitude to corporate donors versus their behavior towards employees. British psychiatrist David Healy accepted a senior position at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and the Department of Psychiatry at UT only to have the(More)
to forge a strategic plan to be ready by September. The goal is to achieve what they are calling “sunrise”—finally vaccinating the world’s children with the new vaccines. A commitment to this objective is what thrilled Bloom. However, some insiders believe that the dissolution of the CVI is a purely political maneuver. Under its new confident and(More)