Karen Birkelund

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We report the development of an Electronic Patch for wearable health monitoring. The Electronic Patch is a new health monitoring system incorporating biomedical sensors, microelectronics, radio frequency (RF) communication, and a battery embedded in a 3-dimensional hydrocolloid polymer. In this paper the Electronic Patch is demonstrated with a new optical(More)
The amount of light collected is crucial for low-power applications of pulse oximetry. In this work a novel ring-shaped backside photodiode has been developed for a wearable reflectance pulse oximeter. The photodiode is proven to work with a dual LED with wavelengths of 660 nm and 940 nm. For the purpose of continuously monitoring vital signs of a human, a(More)
We present results on a multi-sensor for fisheries research fabricated using silicon micro fabrication techniques and a medical multi-sensor system, the Electronic Patch, for non-invasive measurements on humans. The Electronic Patch is a complex sensor system where sensors, electronics, batteries and a radio chip is combined and integrated in a sticking(More)
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