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Recombinant Human Elastase Alters the Compliance of Atherosclerotic Tibial Arteries After Ex Vivo Angioplasty
Purpose: This study was designed to determine whether vonapanitase (formerly PRT-201), a recombinant human elastase, treatment can fragment the protein elastin in elastic fibers and cause dilation ofExpand
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Studies of human pancreatic elastase treatment of rabbit and human vein rings to predict human therapeutic doses
Vascular tissue contains abundant elastic fibers that contribute to vessel elasticity. Vonapanitase (formerly PRT‐201) is a recombinant human chymotrypsin‐like elastase family member 1 (CELA1) shownExpand
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Recombinant Human Elastase Treatment of Cephalic Veins.
BACKGROUND Vessel injury at the time of Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) creation may lead to neointimal hyperplasia that impairs AVF maturation. Vonapanitase, a recombinant human chymotrypsin-likeExpand
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LATE-BREAKING ABSTRACT: A novel role for CCR3 in promoting airways hyperreactivity; Role for CCR3-muscarinic M3 receptor heterodimers
We have developed a novel therapeutic inhibitor against the chemokine receptor CCR3 for allergic asthma that significantly inhibited the MCh PC 20 response in a Phase IIa trial in mild-to-moderateExpand
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