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This paper proposes a novel tracking strategy that can robustly track a person or other object within a xed environment using a pan, tilt, and zoom camera with the help of a pre-recorded image database. We deene a set of camera states which i s s u c i e n t t o s u r v ey the environment for the target. Background images for these camera states are stored(More)
This paper introduces the concept of detection function for assessing recognition algorithms. A detection function speciies the probability that a particular recognition algorithm will detect the target, given the camera viewing direction and angle size and the target position. The detection function thus determines the region of space in which the target(More)
This paper 1 proposes the idea of vision agents over Internet and describes an object search agent and its communications with other agents. The goal is to reduce the traac on the Internet for Live WWW by integrating the WWW technology , agent theory and computer vision technology together. The WWW technology has advanced rapidly such that even live video(More)
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