Karen Arnold

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We have generated a large number of potential eye and vision mutants by a mouse mutagenesis programme and sought to develop a rapid method for testing vision. This experiment assesses whether the visual tracking drum can differentiate between mice with and without retinal degeneration. The population of mice tested had a proportion with retinal(More)
  • Karen Arnold, Shezwae Fleming, Mario Deanda, Benjamin Castleman, Katherine Lynk Wartman
  • 2009
consequences for students from different social classes. Middle class high school seniors who plan to go directly to college follow a standard path of college applications , notification of acceptances and financial aid, and confirmation of college choice in the form of a financial deposit. A few such students change their minds over the summer, forfeiting(More)
OBJECTIVE To present an overview of the relationship between depression and cigarette smoking and to provide recommendations for clinicians who wish to help patients with a history of depression to stop smoking. METHOD English language journal articles published in the last 15 years on clinical material related to depression history, smoking cessation and(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to present an overview of the Green Card Clinic, a novel brief intervention service for patients presenting to the emergency department following deliberate self-harm (DSH) or with suicidal ideation, to examine its effectiveness in terms of service utilization, and patient and clinician feedback, and to explore the(More)
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