Karen Ann Hawley

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Intravenous infusions of enoximone or dobutamine were given, using a double dummy technique, in a randomized, double-blind study, to 18 patients with acute myocardial infarction who had persisting signs of left ventricular failure after treatment with intravenous diuretics. Blood pressure, heart rate and cardiac output, by transcutaneous Doppler(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) To report on the results and complications arising from using a minimal tissue removal procedure for the placement of an osseointegrated hearing implant. (2) To comment on the advantages and disadvantages for this technique compared to current standard techniques. STUDY DESIGN Case series with chart review; 2008-2010. SETTING Tertiary(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Respiratory epithelial adenomatoid hamartoma is a benign glandular neoplasm of the sinonasal cavities, which presents in isolation (REAHi) or in the setting of an adjacent inflammatory process such as sinonasal polyps. It is frequently found in the olfactory clefts. CT features of the 2 clinical presentations have not been well(More)
Effects of potential barriers (roads and cultivated fields) on both demographic and genetic features of subpopulations of white-footed mice were studied near Ottawa, Canada. Live trapping, colored bait and track registry were used to study animal movements across roads on four 1.44 ha areas each within a small forest bisected by a narrow gravel road. The(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS During septoplasty, otherwise normal cartilage and bone are removed and routinely submitted for pathologic examination. According to the College of American Pathologists, however, the examination of bone and cartilage from septoplasty and rhinoplasty may be left to the pathologist's discretion. We explored the processing of tissues(More)
Special thanks to the 267 busy California principals who completed our interview. Allison Chen and Susanna Yi co-directed statewide data collection. Brandon Nicholson ran the web-based component of the survey, then built the final data file with Susanna Yi and Michael Newton-McLaughlin. The steady work of connecting with and interviewing principals was(More)
BACKGROUND Sinonasal respiratory epithelial adenomatoid hamartoma (REAH) is a benign glandular proliferation with ciliated epithelium. Little is known about REAH, with only a few published case reports appearing since its original description in 1995. Classically described as an isolated polypoid lesion arising from the nasal septum, more recent(More)
Twenty-eight patients with atrial fibrillation of less than 1 month's duration were given a single intravenous bolus of flecainide (2 mg/kg). Nineteen patients (68%) were successfully converted to sinus rhythm. Of the 19 patients with atrial fibrillation of less than 72 hours duration, 18 (95%) were successfully converted. Failure to cardiovert was(More)
OBJECTIVES Determine the efficacy of adenotonsillectomy and the role of synchronous airway lesions in treatment failure in children younger than 3 years of age with obstructive sleep apnea. METHODS A retrospective chart review was conducted for children younger than 3 years of age with obstructive sleep apnea who were evaluated and treated at a tertiary(More)
INTRODUCTION Because management of hearing loss (HL) often requires multiple specialists, a multidisciplinary clinic, Pediatric Hearing Management Clinic, (PHMC) was established to coordinate care for children with newly diagnosed HL. METHODS Retrospective review of patients seen in PHMC from February 2009 to April 2010. RESULTS Clinic information was(More)
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