Karen A. Finlay

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This study assessed adherence to the law of contagion by 118 undergraduate students (39 males). Participants were students who played a slot machine game after viewing a prior player who seemed to be winning (“lucky” condition) or losing (“unlucky” condition). Adherence to the law of contagion was assessed by the selection of the coin holder used by a(More)
BACKGROUND The Declaration of Helsinki prohibits the publication of articles that do not meet defined ethical standards for reporting of research ethics board (REB) approval and informed consent. Despite this prohibition and a call to highlight the deficiency for the reader, articles with potential ethical shortcomings continue to be published. OBJECTIVE(More)
The authors performed 2 experiments to examine the accessibility of thoughts about group memberships (i.e., collective self-cognitions) relative to thoughts about traits, states, and behaviors (i.e., private self-cognitions). Few collective self-cognitions were accessible for the present participants from an individualist culture. Furthermore, collective(More)
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