Karel Van Brussel

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STUDY DESIGN Cadaver and preliminary clinical study. OBJECTIVES To enhance the precision of screw positions for posterior transarticular fixations according to Magerl at C1-C2. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The vertebral arteries are at risk during the Magerl operation and may be damaged in up to 4.1% of cases. Even intraoperative navigation, as often used(More)
Clinical experience in genioplasty has shown that high labial incisions heal with fewer scar bands than conventional deep labial incisions. In a prospective randomized trial, we compared 18 high labial curvilinear incisions with 27 high labial W-shaped ('royal') incisions for access and visibility during chin osteotomy. Both incisions were 3 cm wide.(More)
The sleep system (i.e. the combination of mattress and bed base) is an important factor of the sleep environment since it allows physical recuperation during sleep by providing proper body support. However, various factors influence the interaction between the human body and the sleep system. Contributing factors include body dimensions, distribution of(More)
Internal fixation techniques are in common used to stabilize vertebral fractures and correct severe scoliosis. Consolidation of injured vertebrae with neighbouring intact vertebra is the goal in the former case whilst fusion of the vertebrae in a corrected position is aimed at in the latter case. Degenerative spine diseases are not considered in this paper.(More)
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