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Loss of telomere function in metazoans results in catastrophic damage to the genome, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis. Here we show that the mustard weed Arabidopsis thaliana can survive up to 10 generations without telomerase. The last five generations of telomerase-deficient plants endured increasing levels of cytogenetic damage, which was correlated with(More)
This paper briefly describes Extreme Programming (XP) and then poses the question: given the well documented benefits of XP for many types of development projects where programmers work in teams has XP anything to contribute to projects where one developer works on his/her own? Examining published literature from this perspective and drawing on the authors'(More)
Reducing production lead times is an essential factor in maintaining flexibility and customer orientation. In practical applications in our company this mainly lead to a focus on the process steps directly on the shop-floor while overlooking the surrounding production steps in the organizational or administrative areas. Common tools like Value Stream(More)
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