Karel Koenig

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Recent studies indicate the relevance of psychological factors in the pathogenesis of primary fibromyalgia, although the results sometimes differ. Most of the studies investigated personality features and depression. Beyond these our study investigates defense mechanisms and illness behavior in primary fibromyalgia comparing them with those of psychogenic(More)
Interpretive phenomenology was used to discover the earliest experiences of families of children younger than 4 years hospitalized for severe persistent asthma. The children who were African American or Latino and living in poverty were at highest risk of morbidity and mortality. Three families with distinctly varied responses to early symptoms were chosen(More)
Transgender men are a vulnerable population whose health care needs have been difficult to identify because of limited research and an inability to identify the population. Limited evidence suggests that transgender men are at increased risk of having polycystic ovarian syndrome, contracting HIV, experiencing violence, and committing suicide. This(More)
This pilot study describes the challenges low-income parents face in managing asthma in their infants and toddlers who are at high risk of morbidity due to asthma. Five families of children younger than 3 years and recently hospitalized for asthma were interviewed from 1 to 5 times and asked to give narratives about the everyday management of asthma in(More)
  • K König
  • 1977
The therapist's emotional reactions and attitudes in time-limited short-term therapy are presented. Limitations of time and scope this kind of therapy must be dealt with emotionally by the therapist; emotional reactions and attitudes can be expected to vary according to the therapist's personality structure; schizoid, depressive, compulsive or hysterical.(More)
Interpretive phenomenology and attachment theory were used to discover the underlying concerns of parents and children during children's hospitalization for asthma. Home interviews were conducted with families of low income and with Latino and African-American infants and toddlers with severe persistent asthma. Narratives revealed that asthma crises were(More)
  • K König
  • 1975
A method of brief psychotherapy developed in the clinic for psychogenic and psychosomatic diseases Tiefenbrunn, and suited for patients unable to deal with interpretations is presented. From focal psychotherapy inaugurated by Balint, to which it constitutes a counterpart, the method differs as to mutative interventions, which are specifically directed at(More)
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