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Reliability and correctness of a web application are crucial factors to its success. Errors occurring in non-deterministic moments do not attract the target audience of the application. It is quite impossible to deliver 100% reliable application. Hidden errors are discovered when target users are using the application. With proper tooling and support the(More)
Exploratory Testing technique is well applicable to software development projects, where test basis is not available (or at least not complete and consistent to the extent allowing the creation of efficient test cases). The key factor for the efficiency of this technique is a structured process for the recording of explored path in the system under test.(More)
Static testing is used to detect software defects in the earlier phases of the software development lifecycle, which makes the total costs caused by defects lower and the software development project less risky. Different types of static testing have been introduced and are used in software projects. In this paper, we focus on static testing related to data(More)
In the paper we explore the possibilities of automated test-case generation from the IFML model of application front–end. As opposed to the previous core UML standard, IFML captures the structure and properties of the application user interface, which gives us new possibilities in model–based test case generation: produced test cases have a higher(More)
Validation of user input data is very important in web application. Not only it protects the system from various exploits, but it also improves the user experience. User immediately sees what values are missing or are not valid and should be fixed. It is important to validate code on client side in the browser, but that does not mean that the validation on(More)
Interaction Flow Modelling Language (IFML) is a recently standardized modelling language designed to capture the structure and properties of the application user interface. In the paper we discuss suitability of the IFML model for automatic generation of automated application front--end tests, as detailed model of the application front--end provides enough(More)
The code written by a software developer is not always flawless. The more code is created the more errors are introduced into the system. In web development different programming languages can be used to implement back-end and front-end sides of the application. For example, it is possible to implement user input validation multiple times —it(More)
Model-based testing represents an efficient method to detect software defects. This approach has a limitation, when the model of the system under test is inconsistent, incomplete, or, does not exist at all. An exploratory testing approach represents an alternative for such situations: initially it does not require a model of the tested system. The testers(More)
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