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The Rogowski coil is a current measuring element, galvanic separated from measured current. Account on structural simplicity and low price of electronic devices processing its output signal, the Rogowski coil is more used in electroenergetics. The paper deals with the design of the Rogowski coil in wider frequency range. Required parameters of the Rogowski(More)
In airborne applications the high degree of reliability is required. Typical methods for assuring the reliability are development guides (DO178), testing, quality checking (AS9100) and certification processes. Despite these processes provide high level of safety and reliability of the products, the electronic devices can fail from different reasons. Also,(More)
Data processing of low-cost inertial sensors has been and still is a big issue for many engineers in commercial companies, laboratories, and academia. Inertial sensors compose a measurement unit used as the basis of navigation systems. These systems can be found almost everywhere; it does not matter if it is in pharmaceutics, robotics, automotive industry,(More)
This paper presents implementation of algorithms developed for fault classification and location detection on transmission lines with data from current & voltage sensors. Rogowski coil as current sensor is gaining importance due to its linearity and wide band width. A lumped parameter model of Rogowski coil is developed and integrated with a power system(More)
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