Kareem Kamal A. Ghany

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Admissions for first episode of psychiatric illness provide information on service utilization which can be used to improve service delivery. The present study reviews the use of in-patient general psychiatric services in southern Trinidad using data from first admissions in one year, specifically to determine service utilization by substance-abusing(More)
It has been recognized that there are gender disparities in the admission rates to psychiatric units. While the community prevalence of the major non-organic psychotic mental disorders are thought to have no gender bias, non-psychotic disorders such as depression are more commonly diagnosed in women. Gender differences in admission may indicate differences(More)
Privacy and Security has become an increasingly serious ýproblem for any biometric systems. Template protection, ýwhich mainly prevents from data loss and hacking the stored ýtemplates, is one of the most important issues when considering ýprivacy and security. Cancelable biometrics approach Scheme ýhas been proposed(More)
In this paper, a system for feature selection based on firefly algorithm (FFA) optimization is proposed. Data sets ordinarily includes a huge number of attributes, with irrelevant and redundant attributes. Redundant and irrelevant attributes might reduce the classification accuracy because of the large search space. The main goal of attribute reduction is(More)
In this paper, Kekre's transform is proposed for protecting fingerprint template and a symmetric bio-hash function is used to improve the protection of the fingerprint biometric template. In the proposed approach; firstly the principal curve approach is used to extract the features from the fingerprint template. Then, we applied a transformation phase using(More)
Diagnosis of breast cancer analysis disease becomes one of an open discussion and a crucial need in Egypt. The analysis of these datasets for patients is important for the early detection and prediction of the disease. The usage of case-based reasoning (CBR) systems and the machine learning techniques provides us with several techniques to easily decide(More)
Cloud computing is the concept of using maximum remote services through a network using various minimum resources, it provides these resources to users via internet. There are many critical problems appeared with cloud computing such as data privacy, security, and reliability etc. But we find that security is the most important between these problems. In(More)
In this work, a proposed hybrid dragonfly algorithm (DA) with extreme learning machine (ELM) system for prediction problem is presented. ELM model is considered a promising method for data regression and classification problems. It has fast training advantage, but it always requires a huge number of nodes in the hidden layer. The usage of a large number of(More)
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