Kareem El Gebaly

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In this paper, we solve the following data summarization problem: given a multi-dimensional data set augmented with a binary attribute, how can we construct an interpretable and informative summary of the factors affecting the binary attribute in terms of the combinations of values of the dimension attributes? We refer to such summaries as explanation(More)
The typical approach to data integration is to start by defining a common mediated schema, and then to map the data sources being integrated to this schema. In Internet-scale data integration tasks, where there may be hundreds or thousands of data sources providing data of relevance to a particular domain, a better approach is to allow the user to discover(More)
This demonstration explores the novel and unconventional idea of implementing an analytical RDBMS in pure JavaScript so that it runs completely inside a browser with no external dependencies. Our prototype, called Afterburner, generates compiled query plans that exploit two JavaScript features: typed arrays and asm.js. On the TPC-H benchmark, we show that(More)
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