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Though much research has been conducted on Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis (SSA) during the last decade, little work has fo-cused on Arabic. In this work, we focus on SSA for both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) news articles and dialectal Arabic microblogs from Twitter. We showcase some of the challenges associated with SSA on microblogs. We adopted a(More)
Arabizi is Arabic text that is written using Latin characters. Arabizi is used to present both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Arabic dialects. It is commonly used in informal settings such as social networking sites and is often with mixed with English. In this paper we address the problems of: identifying Arabizi in text and converting it to Ara-bic(More)
This paper explores the use of a character segment based character correction model, language modeling, and shallow morphology for Arabic OCR error correction. Experimentation shows that character segment based correction is superior to single character correction and that language modeling boosts correction, by improving the ranking of candidate(More)
This paper introduces simplified yet effective features that can robustly identify named entities in Arabic text without the need for morphological or syntactic analysis or gazetteers. A CRF sequence labeling model is trained on features that primarily use character n-gram of leading and trailing letters in words and word n-grams. The proposed features help(More)