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Though much research has been conducted on Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis (SSA) during the last decade, little work has fo-cused on Arabic. In this work, we focus on SSA for both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) news articles and dialectal Arabic microblogs from Twitter. We showcase some of the challenges associated with SSA on microblogs. We adopted a(More)
This paper presents a machine learning approach based on an SVM classifier coupled with preprocessing rules for cross-document named entity normalization. The classifier uses lexical, orthographic, phonetic, and morphological features. The process involves disambiguating different entities with shared name mentions and normalizing identical entities with(More)
The focus of the experiments reported in this paper was techniques for combining evidence for cross-language retrieval, searching Arabic documents using English queries. Evidence from multiple sources of translation knowledge was combined to estimate translation probabilities, and four techniques for estimating query-language term weights from(More)