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The purpose of this study was to investigate whether running economy is affected by isokinetic eccentric exercise designed to cause muscle damage. Twenty-four young healthy men performed 120 maximal voluntary eccentric actions at each thigh's quadriceps muscle at an angular velocity of 60 degrees .s. The participants were then randomly divided into 2 equal(More)
We compared the abilities of the six internal RNA segments of two avian influenza viruses, A/Mallard/Alberta/88/76 (H3N8) and A/Mallard/NY/6750/78 (H2N2), to confer attenuation on wild-type human influenza A/Bethesda/1/85 (H3N2) virus in seronegative adult volunteers. Live avian-human influenza A reassortant virus vaccines derived from either avian virus(More)
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