Karanam Madhavi

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As the growth of mobile users increasing in the present scenario and because of limited bandwidth available, there is a need to efficiently use the bandwidth available. The quality of service can be maximized by efficient bandwidth reservation. In this paper, the cross layer based bandwidth reservation scheme is proposed which initially reserves some amount(More)
Software Visualization encompasses the development and evaluation of methods for graphically representing different aspects of methods of software, including its structure, execution and evolution. Creating visualizations helps the user to better understand complex phenomena. It is also found by the software engineering community that visualization is(More)
Uncertainty is a pervasive in real world environment due to vagueness, is associated with the difficulty of making sharp distinctions and ambiguity, is associated with situations in which the choices among several precise alternatives cannot be perfectly resolved. Analysis of large collections of uncertain data is a primary task in the real world(More)
— The rapid growth of usage of Digital technology leads to storage of all categories and types of data in digital media. As the technology is very fast in maintenance and also in data theft. We require providing security for the data stored in the digital media various data security techniques have introduced for the last 5 decades, but all those techniques(More)
Cause of nodes high mobility in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), there are frequent link breakages exist which escort to frequent route discoveries and path failures. The route discovery procedure cannot be ignored. In a route finding, broad casting is a primary and efficient data broadcasting methodology, where a cell phone node sightless rebroadcasts the(More)
Uncertainty is inherent in various applications, such as Sensor Networks, Large Datasets, Medicine, Mobile Networks, Biomedical and Clinical Data, Social and Economical Research. Uncertain data poses significant challenges for data analytic tasks. Analysis of large collections of uncertain data is a primary task in these applications, because data is vague,(More)
Effective data management and resource management are vital to the success of emerging mobile data applications. the allocation of resources such as Bandwidth, buffer in mobile cellular networks becomes an increasingly important issue. In addition, varying mobility and various service class requirements of the present multimedia applications makes it a(More)
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