Karanam Gowrinath

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After a disease-free period of 10 years, a surgically treated case of cutaneous malignant melanoma is usually not followed up further and there is a tendency to assume that the disease is cured. Late recurrence (after 10 years) of cutaneous malignant melanoma, though infrequent, has been documented well in Western countries. In our country, the malignant(More)
Petroleum diesel is a complex mixture of liquid hydrocarbons and mainly used as fuel in transport vehicles. The practice of manual siphoning of diesel from fuel tanks is common in developing countries but hydrocarbon pneumonitis due to diesel siphonage is rarely reported. We report pneumonitis following diesel fuel siphonage in a 30-year-old driver.(More)
Tracheal papillary adenoma is a rare benign tumor. We report a case of papillary adenoma in a 62-year-old male smoker who presented with recurrent hemoptysis. The tumor was located in the upper third of trachea and forceps biopsy through flexible bronchoscopy was uncomplicated and diagnostic.
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