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A new boundary value analysis algorithm using a divide-and-rule approach is proposed in this paper. The idea comes from functional dependency among the input parameters. Based on the new algorithm, a testing tool is designed and implemented. Results from the testing tool show the advantages of the new algorithm over the traditional boundary value analysis(More)
History-based machine learning technique is efficient in prediction and improving Web server performance. To generalize the history-only prediction to algorithms that include other sources such as page size and priority levels in determining pre-load pages, we present, in this paper, a new prediction scheme that considers not only multiple attributes for(More)
In this paper, we study Web cache prefetching with multiple Web pages. Four multi-prefetching models including the Top-m, Future-r, (Top-m)+(Future-r) and multi-dimensional matrix are introduced. The idea is based on examination of the probabilities on sequence request patterns. Simulation results on hit rate comparison are also presented. The algorithms(More)
The World Wide Web is a distributed internet system, which provides a many type of services and facilities for users. It increase over the past few year at a very rapidly rate, due to which the amount of traffic over the internet is increasing. As a result, the network performance has now become very slow. The solution of this is to reduce the response time(More)
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