Karan K. Budhraja

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Given that security threats and privacy breaches are commonplace today, it is an important problem for one to know whether their device(s) are in a ”good state of security”, or is there a set of highrisk vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. In this paper, we address this simple yet challenging problem. Instead of gaining white-box access to the(More)
Agent-based modeling is a paradigm of modeling dynamic systems of interacting agents that are individually governed by specified behavioral rules. Training a model of such agents to produce an emergent behavior by specification of the emergent (as opposed to agent) behavior is easier from a demonstration perspective. While many approaches involve manual(More)
Deploying applications in containers has several advantages, such as rapid development, portability across different machines, and simplified maintenance. In a cloud computing environment, container scheduling algorithms coordinate with different aspects of physical systems, such as memory allocation for tasks of different users. The scheduled containers on(More)
Service Assured task execution is an exemplary need for Enterprise Task Crowdsourcing, even when crowdsourcing tasks on open and public crowdosourcing platforms, which are characteristic of non-committed and discretionary task execution by crowd workers. Service Assurance (SA) has broader semantics than SLA fulfillment in the context of enterprise task(More)
Plusia acuta, hitherto reported as a minor pest of soybeans, now has become its a regular and serious pest in Madhya Pradesh, India. During kharif season of 1979 it infested severely about 10 hectares of soybeans in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. Research was, thus, carried out to work out its biology in the laboratory in 1979. Single female moth laid(More)
Software Defined Networking (SDN) is increasingly being used in data centers as well as enterprise networks. In an environment that has strict compliance requirements, such as HIPAA compliance, a critical role for an SDN controller is to route all data packets while considering data privacy preservation and compliance-preservation. In this paper, we address(More)
Feature selection is a form of both data reduction and attribute prioritization. It is modeled in existing work as a game between agents (buyers and sellers of information) in a corporate environment where information is accessible at a price. However, the interactions are typically moderated by a trusted third-party agent. Extending that work, we observe(More)
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