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The paper describes a data driven dependency parsing approach which uses clausal information of a sentence to improve the parser performance. The clausal information is added automatically during the parsing process. We demonstrate the experiments on Hindi, a language with relatively rich case marking system and free-word-order. All the experiments are done(More)
This paper introduces a work on identification of conjunct verbs in Hindi. The paper will first focus on investigating which noun-verb combination makes a conjunct verb in Hindi using a set of linguistic diagnostics. We will then see which of these diagnostics can be used as features in a MaxEnt based automatic identification tool. Finally we will use this(More)
  • B Venkata, Seshu Kumari, R Rajeswara Rao, Bharat, Ram Ambati, Phani Gadde +1 other
  • 2016
We report our dependency parsing experiments on two Indian Languages, Telugu and Hindi. We first explore two most popular dependency parsers namely, Malt parser and MST parser. Considering pros of both these parsers, we develop a hybrid approach combining the output of these two parsers in an intuitive manner.
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