Karamitsos Ioannis

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Within the hospital or extended care environment, there is an overwhelming need for constant monitoring of vital body functions and support for patient mobility. Tomorrowpsilas biomedical networks will address these needs by incorporating new technologies like wireless sensor networks into their infrastructure. However, wireless transmission of sensitive(More)
Many maintenance-scheduling methods have been proposed using conventional mathematical programming methods or heuristic techniques. Heuristic approaches provide the most primitive solution based on trial-and-error approaches. Mathematical optimization based techniques are completely distinct from classical programming and trial-and-error heuristic methods.(More)
In this paper is presented a Geographic Information System (GIS) approach in order to qualify and monitor the broadband lines in efficient way. The methodology used for interpolation is the Delaunay Triangular Irregular Network (TIN). This method is applied for a case study in ISP Greece monitoring 120,000 broadband lines. Keywords—GIS loop qualification,(More)
optical signal transverse a number of optical elements which introduce linear and non linear impairments. The aim of this paper is to study the TCP over OBS performance taking into consideration only the linear impairment the Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE). More specifically the TCP performance is evaluated with and without impairments in terms of the(More)
Optical Burst Switching (OBS) is an efficient switching method to building very high capacity routing switches based on all optical burst data and electronic processing for the control data. OBS combines the benefits of circuit switching and packet switching while taking into consideration the limitations of the current all-optical networks. In this paper(More)
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