Karam A. Sharshar

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Real time face recognition systems have become an area of growing interest due to its wide area of applications. This paper exploits the energy compaction property of the wavelet transform to provide a high performance face recognition system using the PCA and ZM techniques on fused and DWT approximation sub band images. The experimental results indicate(More)
Infrared (IR) Face recognition has become an area of growing interest since it can operate in dim light and total darkness. This paper introduces a comparative study between the infrared face recognition systems using the principle component analysis (PCA) and the Zernike moments (ZM) techniques. The performance is evaluated according to the recognition(More)
The 8-pin 555 time rs were exposed to 1,2,3,4, up to 5 Mrads gamma doses, using Co 60 as a gamma radiation source, with a total absorbed doses 5Mrads , the output of the chip, as a square wave indicate that , the electromagnetic wave (gamma radiation) affect in the operation of the timer, as : the parameter changed during radiation noise in the generated(More)
In this work, aluminum oxide, nickel oxide films were prepared for the purpose of gamma radiation dosimetry using several deposition techniques. A significant change in the (I-V) measurements for the as deposited films, p-n junction film structures have been observed upon exposure to high and low gamma radiation doses which proofs the promising(More)
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