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In this paper, a prototype of an externally-powered electrically controlled hand prosthesis has been developed. The mechanical structure of the prosthesis has been designed and fabricated. The control system of such prosthesis has also been developed. The control system requires accurate information on the prostheses structure and the surrounding(More)
This paper presents a design of star shaped fractal antenna for wireless applications. The FR4 glass epoxy substrate is used to design the antenna with relative permittivity 4.4 and thickness 1.6mm. Different parameters of antenna such as return loss, gain, VSWR and bandwidth have been analyzed at the resonant frequency of 5GHz. The-10dB impedance bandwidth(More)
This paper studies the effects of frequency, pre-strain and electrode types on the dielectric property of a commercially available and most widely used acrylic elastomer, VHB 4910. The acrylic VHB film is pre-stretched in biaxial directions with the help of an in-house developed biaxial stretching device. The stretched film has been sandwiched between two(More)
In order to achieve high quality and productivity in microdrilling, monitoring of the prefailure phase and detection of tool breakage is very important. In the present work, vibration signals have been studied during micro drilling operations to monitor the prefailure phase of the micro-drills. These signals have been processed in time domain and(More)
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