Kara Strickland

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Replacement of noble metals in catalysts for cathodic oxygen reduction reaction with transition metals mostly create active sites based on a composite of nitrogen-coordinated transition metal in close concert with non-nitrogen-coordinated carbon-embedded metal atom clusters. Here we report a non-platinum group metal electrocatalyst with an active site(More)
L6 myoblasts accumulate large stores of neutral lipid (predominantly triacylglycerol) when cultured in fatty acid-supplemented growth medium. No accumulation of neutral lipid was evident in myotubes (differentiated myoblasts) when treated similarly. Triacylglycerol accumulation was rapid and dependent on exogenous fatty acid concentration. Triacylglycerol(More)
The enzyme, CTP:phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase (EC2.7.7.41) which catalyses formation of CDP-diglyceride from CTP and phosphatidic acid has been studied in rat brain preparations and other tissues. Improvement, as judged by the higher tissue activities obtained, in the assay method for this enzyme was achieved through use of phosphatidic acids sonicated(More)
Detailed understanding of the nature of the active centers in non-precious-metal-based electrocatalyst, and their role in oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) mechanistic pathways will have a profound effect on successful commercialization of emission-free energy devices such as fuel cells. Recently, using pyrolyzed model structures of iron porphyrins, we have(More)
Fusion-competent myoblasts can be prevented from fusing (differentiating) by reducing medium calcium concentrations from 1.65 mM to less than 50 microM. Fusion is completely retarded after 24 h but is noticeable after 48 h and significant after 72 h in low-calcium medium. After 24 h in low-calcium medium, a rapid, synchronous fusion can be initiated by(More)
L6 myoblasts, before fusion, accumulate large stores of neutral lipid when cultured in medium supplemented with fatty acid. Upon fusion to terminally differentiated myotubes, a noticeable decrease in these neutral-lipid stores was observed. Triacylglycerol lipase activity was examined in L6 myoblasts at various stages of cell differentiation to assess a(More)