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Of key importance to avoiding significant health problems such as cardiac disease and stroke is eating nutritious foods and leading an active lifestyle. However, leading a healthy lifestyle remains elusive and obesity continues to increase in North America. We investigate how online social networks (OSN) can change health behaviour by blending theories from(More)
As virtualization becomes increasingly mainstream, virtual machine introspection techniques and tools are evolving to monitor VM behavior. A survey of existing approaches highlights key requirements, which are addressed by a new tool suite for the Xen VM monitoring system. A t one time, desktop computers were " one machine, one operating system, one(More)
IT systems are, without a doubt, fundamental to almost all facets of modern life, including government operations, commerce and manufacturing, financial systems, education, communications, energy production and distribution, and transportation. However, given the global connectedness of such systems, they are under constant attack from a variety of actors(More)
The evolution of phishing methods has resulted in a plethora of new tools and techniques to coerce users into providing credentials, generally for nefarious purposes. This paper discusses the relatively recent emergence of an evolutionary phishing technique called phishing by form that relies on the abuse of online forms to elicit information from the(More)
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