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BACKGROUND Social networking site use is increasingly common among emerging medical professionals, with medical schools even reporting disciplinary student expulsion. Medical professionals who use social networking sites have unique responsibilities since their postings could violate patient privacy. However, it is unknown whether students and residents(More)
BACKGROUND Many websites allow consumers to evaluate their healthcare experience yet scant data exist that explore the type and content of reviews. OBJECTIVE To evaluate and describe online healthcare provider reviews. METHODS We analysed 16,703 ratings on 6101 providers from four US cities. Ratings spanned five categories and an overall provider score.(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure and compare the frequency and content of online social networking among 2 cohorts of medical students and residents (2007 and 2009). METHODS Using the online social networking application Facebook, we evaluated social networking profiles for 2 cohorts of medical students (n  =  528) and residents (n  =  712) at the University of(More)
This article discusses a telecollaborative activity that combines many strategies of interest in teacher education (i.e., case-based learning, online discussion, cross-university collaboration, and synchronous/asynchronous learning) to create a unique collaborative online learning environment for 36 social studies education students. Findings suggest that(More)
To measure the frequency and content of online social networking among medical students and residents. Using the online network Facebook, we evaluated online profiles of all medical students (n = 501) and residents (n = 312) at the University of Florida, Gainesville. Objective measures included the existence of a profile, whether it was made private, and(More)
Although working conditions, hours, pay, and advancement opportunities are better now than in the 1950s--the "golden age" of American business--today's workers are significantly less satisfied. Why? The authors believe the cause of this malaise is lack of motivation. This article examines several techniques to cure employee malaise and discusses the(More)
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