Kara M. Dawson

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BACKGROUND Social networking site use is increasingly common among emerging medical professionals, with medical schools even reporting disciplinary student expulsion. Medical professionals who use social networking sites have unique responsibilities since their postings could violate patient privacy. However, it is unknown whether students and residents(More)
This article discusses a telecollaborative activity that combines many strategies of interest in teacher education (i.e., case-based learning, online discussion, cross-university collaboration, and synchronous/asynchronous learning) to create a unique collaborative online learning environment for 36 social studies education students. Findings suggest that(More)
This research examines student information and communication technology (ICT) literacy and its relationships to a student's socioeconomic status (SES), gender, and ethnicity of middle school students. We recruited 5,990 students from 13 school districts across the state of Florida. Student participants completed the Student Tool for Technology Literacy (ST(More)
Action research is recognized as a powerful tool for professional development and teacher preparation (Cochran-Smith & Lytle, 2009; Zeichner, 2003) and teachers require powerful professional development to effectively integrate technology (Hew & Brush, 2007). ARTI (Action Research for Technology Integration) is an online tool designed to support the merger(More)
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