Kara Kelley Lyons

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Unstructured mother-toddler interactions were examined in 18-month-old high- and low-risk children subsequently diagnosed (n = 12) or not diagnosed (n = 21) with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at 36 months. Differences in maternal sensitivity were not found as a function of emergent ASD status. A differential-susceptibility moderation model of child risk(More)
A case is presented of multiple fibroadenomas of the breasts in a young Caucasian woman followed over a period of 10 years. A total of 22 individual lesions have been identified. Review of the literature gives little guidance regarding incidence, natural history and management of this condition. It is proposed that a register be set up to obtain basic data(More)
BACKGROUND The deficits associated with a brain injury may pose many challenges to young adult students. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to conduct an in-depth exploration of the experiences and processes individuals who self-identify as having a brain injury go through during college or university to overcome obstacles. METHOD This study used a(More)
PURPOSE To compare testability of vision and eye tests in an examination protocol of 9- to 17-year-old patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to typically developing (TD) peers. METHODS In a prospective pilot study, 61 children and adolescents (34 with ASD and 27 who were TD) aged 9 to 17 years completed an eye examination protocol including tests(More)
As a group, oncology nurses are aging, mirroring a large portion of the American public. Many practicing nurses are approaching middle age, and with increased age comes an increased risk for cancer. Many oncology nurses are cancer survivors, and the experience of treating a colleague is becoming more common, but few publications have addressed this topic.(More)
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