Kar-Ming Cheung

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abstract. — Spacecraft are complex systems that involve different subsystems with multiple relationships among them. For these reasons, the design of a spacecraft is a time-evolving process that starts from requirements and evolves over time across different design phases. During this process, a lot of changes can happen. They can affect mass and power at(More)
After exploring the outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune—the Voyager spacecraft are seeking the edge of the solar system and heading toward their final destination: interstellar space. These words acknowledge the Voyager mission's proud planetary past and introduce the interstellar challenge ahead. We chose " Leaving Home " as the cover image(More)
abstract. — The Statistical Risk Estimation (SRE) technique described in this article is a methodology to quantify the likelihood that the major design drivers of mass and power of a space system meet the spacecraft and mission requirements and constraints through the design and development lifecycle. The SRE approach addresses the long-standing challenges(More)
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