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In this study, we aimed speech recognition-based remote control of home devices. The system was designed at two stages: speech recognition module and transmitter module that sends commands including fewer than two main headings. In the first stage speech recognition algorithm is implemented in MATLAB. Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients (MFCCs) are used as(More)
In this study, artificial defects in various diameters are formed on inner race, outer race and ball bearing which are essential components of a bearing and vibration signals are collected by a data acquisition card from bearing-shaft setup. The signals acquired are decomposed from noise with wavelet transform; thus vibration signal resulting from normal(More)
Condition monitoring of bearings faults which have vital importance in machines and detection of faults earlier have very big importance in terms of disruption of process. In this study, certain sizes artificial faults are generated by the laser beam on inner rings of bearing and vibration signals are obtained from these bearings in a shaft-bearing setup.(More)
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