Kapil Sharad Borawake

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We report a case of dengue fever with features of encephalitis. The diagnosis of dengue was confirmed by the serum antibodies to dengue and the presence of a dengue antigen in the cerebrospinal fluid. This patient had characteristic magnetic resonance imaging brain findings, mainly involving the bilateral thalami, with hemorrhage. Dengue is not primarily a(More)
Glucometrics (defined as the systemic analysis of blood glucose data) can be used as a benchmarking tool/ quality indicator of glycemic control in hospital or a patient care unit of the hospital. Metrics generated are utilized to compare the quality of care provided to patients along with other indicators like rates of pressure sores and catheter related(More)
Consumption of a glass of bottle gourd juice is thought to work as a health "tonic" and part of traditional healthy living practices in India. The juice may in certain circumstances turn bitter with increased levels of the cytotoxic compound called Cucurbitacins. If the bitter juice is consumed it causes a toxic reaction in the gut, leading to abdominal(More)
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