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—In this paper, we briefly outlined popular case-based reasoning combinations. More specifically, we focus on combinations of case-based reasoning with rule based reasoning, and model based reasoning. Further we examined the strengths and weaknesses of various reasoning models, case-based reasoning, rule-based reasoning and model-based reasoning, and(More)
Neurological manifestations are unusual in dengue fever and can be due to neurotropic effect, systemic complications of dengue infection, or immune mediated. Acute hypokalemic paralysis is a rare systemic complication of dengue infection; however, hypokalemia along with hypomagnesemia has not been reported earlier. We herein report an extremely unusual and(More)
Transient hyperintensity in splenium of corpus callosum is a relatively infrequent finding in MRI. Although it has been most consistently linked with frequent seizure episodes, many other possible causes have been proposed by different workers. Cryptococcal meningitis as a cause of transient splenial hyperintensity has never been reported till date. Here,(More)
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