Kapil Hande

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---This paper presents a new approach towards automobile safety and security. In the field of an automotive research, a method to monitor and to detect a fatigue/drowsy or a drunken driver has been studied for many years. Previous research uses sensors such as an infrared camera for pupil detection or voice to detect fatigue, or image processing to detect(More)
Cloud computing is the set of distributed computing nodes. The distribution of virtual machine (VM) images to a set of distributed compute nodes in a Cross-Cloud computing environment is main issue considered in this paper. This paper will be dealing with the problem of scheduling virtual machine (VM) images to a set of distributed compute nodes in a(More)
Mobile ad hoc network is a special kind of wireless networks. It is a collection of mobile nodes without having aid of establish infrastructure. In mobile ad hoc network, it is much more vulnerable to attacks than a wired network due to its limited physical security, volatile network topologies, power-constrained operations, intrinsic requirement of mutual(More)
In a knowledge driven economy information plays an important role. Different entities of society are seeking varied information on a day to day basis. In every walk of life decision makers are taking decisions after careful analysis of relevant information. Hence quality of decisions eventually depends upon quality of information. With the advent of(More)
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