Kapil G. Gadkar

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BACKGROUND Recent advances in molecular biology techniques provide an opportunity for developing detailed mathematical models of biological processes. An iterative scheme is introduced for model identification using available system knowledge and experimental measurements. RESULTS The scheme includes a state regulator algorithm that provides estimates of(More)
Advances in molecular biology provide an opportunity to develop detailed models of biological processes that can be used to obtain an integrated understanding of the system. However, development of useful models from the available knowledge of the system and experimental observations still remains a daunting task. In this work, a model identification(More)
The application of biosimulation to drug discovery and optimization is enhanced by applying in silico disease models that capture reported heterogeneity in patient clinical phenotypes. Using such a diverse cohort of virtual patients improves the robustness of the in silico analysis and allows critical hypothesis testing to explore key knowledge gaps. The(More)
— Metabolic engineering manipulations can be performed in an optimal manner to maximize desired cellular properties. In prior work [1], a bilevel optimization framework was developed to demonstrate that temporal genetic manipulations yield optimal productivity. In this work, the bilevel optimization framework is coupled with control algorithms to determine(More)
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