Kap Su Han

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Bite force and activity in temporal and masseter muscles during biting and chewing were recorded in 19 control subjects and 23 subjects with symptoms and signs of functional disorders of the craniomandibular system. The entire group comprised 13 men and 29 women, 14-63 yr of age. Maximal unilateral bite force was 480 Newton (N) in control subjects and 387 N(More)
Although ophthalmoplegia following snake bites is not indicative of a serious neurotoxic complication, symptoms of diplopia, dizziness and ocular discomfort can be emotionally devastating for patients. The authors experienced two cases of ophthalmoplegia following snake bites in Korea. The patients complained of diplopia that had developed several hours(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper was to study condyle movement and the relation between it and incisor movement when the subjects performed maximal open-closed movement. METHODS 38 normal students were tested by a six degrees of freedom mandibular movement recorder MT-1602. The traces and velocity curves of the condyle movement were analized on the(More)
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