Kaouthar Benameur

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Tracking a ground target, based on GMTI radar measurements, is a challenging problem. This is due particularly to the environment with a high density road traffic, terrain masks... etc, and to the high manoeuverability of ground targets. In this paper, the tracking of a manoeuvring ground target on a road in a cluttered environment is studied using map(More)
A key requisite to GMTI tracking is the use of road network to enhance the track quality and the track continuity. In this paper, we present a comparative study on the incorporation of such information in the GMTI tracking. We consider for this the particular scenario of tracking a target at road junctions or intersections. The goal of this study is to(More)
In this paper, we present a method to estimate the quality (trustfulness) of the solutions of the classical optimal data association (DA) problem associated with a given source of information (also called a criterion). We also present a method to solve the multi-criteria DA problem and to estimate the quality of its solution. Our approach is new and mixes(More)
In this report, we present different approaches for the association of tracks for airborne sensors. The proposed approaches explore the effects of the choice of coordinate systems on the tracking filters and the association process. The performance of the association techniques is analyzed in terms of the probability of correct association (Pc) and the(More)
In this paper, we consider different approaches in reducing the amount of data transfer in a distributed Kalman filtering based on noisy linear observations. The observations are either compressed using equivalent measurements, or transmitted only if their values change more than a specified value. The objective is to reduce sensor data traffic with(More)
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