Kaoru Watanabe

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Multihop wireless networks consist of mobile terminals with personal communication devices. Each terminal can receive a message from a terminal and send it to the other terminal. In this paper, we discuss a new edge coloring problem on graph & network theory on multihop wireless networks. This edge coloring problem takes the degree of interference into(More)
In this paper, we revise a previous 2D depth-depth-matching algorithm in order to copy motions fast from a real liver to a virtual liver in a surgical navigation. The real liver is always captured by 3D depth camera, and the virtual liver is represented by a polyhedron with STL format via DICOM captured by MRI/CT. In our algorithm, we firstly compare a 2D(More)
In the last year, we proposed a smart transcription algorithm. In the algorithm, a real liver is always captured by 3D depth camera. As contrasted with this, its virtual liver is represented by a polyhedron with STL (Standard Triangulated Language) format (Stereo-lithography) via DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) data captured by MRI(More)
We have developed a liver surgery support system that uses two depth cameras and measures positional relationships between a surgical knife and a liver in real time. In this report, the overview of our system, the method for depth camera calibration, the estimation for knife tip positioning, and some experimental results are described.
For improving the operability of an omni-directional wheelchair provided with a power assist system, the system must be able to adapt to the individual characteristics of the many different attendants that will use it. For achieving this purpose, an innovative human-interface using a touch panel that provides easy input and feedback information in real time(More)