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In developing Drosophila notum, wingless expression is regulated by Decapentaplegic signaling positively and negatively so that only notal cells receiving optimal levels of Decapentaplegic signals express wingless (Sato et al., 1999b. Development 126, 1457-1466). Here, we show evidence that this Decapentaplegic-dependent regulation of notal wingless(More)
Kettin is a giant muscle protein originally identified in insect flight muscle Z-discs. Here, we determined the entire nucleotide sequence of Drosophila melanogaster kettin, deduced the amino acid sequence of its protein product (540 kD) along with that of the Caenorhabditis elegans counterpart, and found that the overall primary structure of Kettin has(More)
In Drosophila, Dsrc64 is considered a unique ortholog of the vertebrate c-src; however, we show evidence to the contrary. The closest relative of vertebrate c-src so far found in Drosophila is not Dsrc64, but Dsrc41, a gene identified for the first time here. In contrast to Dsrc64, overexpression of wild-type Dsrc41 caused little or no appreciable(More)
In the developing Drosophila eye, BarH1 and BarH2, paired homeobox genes expressed in R1/R6 outer photoreceptors and primary pigment cells, are essential for normal eye morphogenesis. Here, we show evidence that BarH1 ectopically expressed under the control of the sevenless enhancer (sev-BarH1) causes two types of cone cell transformation: transformation of(More)
During Drosophila leg development, the distal-most compartment (pretarsus) and its immediate neighbour (tarsal segment 5) are specified by a pretarsus-specific homeobox gene, aristaless, and tarsal-segment-specific Bar homeobox genes, respectively; the pretarsus/tarsal-segment boundary is formed by antagonistic interactions between Bar and(More)
Spatially and temporally regulated activity of Branchless/Breathless signaling is essential for trachea development in Drosophila. Early ubiquitous breathless (btl) expression is controlled by binding of Trachealess/Tango heterodimers to the btl minimum enhancer. Branchless/Breathless signaling includes a Sprouty-dependent negative feedback loop. We show(More)
Calpain, a calcium-dependent intracellular protease, was identified in Drosophila melanogaster. Drosophila calpain has an amino acid sequence highly homologous to those of mammalian calpains and exhibits a distinct domain structure consisting of cysteine protease and calcium-binding domains. Specific antibodies raised against a recombinant calpain fragment(More)
Neurons are highly polarized cells with distinct subcellular compartments, including dendritic arbors and an axon. The proper function of the nervous system relies not only on correct targeting of axons, but also on development of neuronal-class-specific geometry of dendritic arbors [1-4]. To study the intercellular control of the shaping of dendritic trees(More)
siDirect (http://design.RNAi.jp/) is a web-based online software system for computing highly effective small interfering RNA (siRNA) sequences with maximum target-specificity for mammalian RNA interference (RNAi). Highly effective siRNA sequences are selected using novel guidelines that were established through an extensive study of the relationship between(More)
Mushroom bodies (MBs) are the centers for olfactory associative learning and elementary cognitive functions in the Drosophila brain. As a way to systematically elucidate genes preferentially expressed in MBs, we have analyzed genome-wide alterations in transcript profiles associated with MB ablation by hydroxyurea. We selected 100 genes based on microarray(More)