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To date, parathyroid hormone is the only clinically available bone anabolic drug. The major difficulty in the development of such drugs is the lack of clarification of the mechanisms regulating osteoblast differentiation and bone formation. Here, we report a peptide (W9) known to abrogate osteoclast differentiation in vivo via blocking receptor activator of(More)
(A) Binding and potency of 100 ng/mL OYC1 or OYC2 were detected by ELISA with various concentrations of recombinant mouse sRANKL (mRANKL). (B) Inhibitory activity of OYC1 in a TRAP solution assay. RAW264 cells were cultured for 4 days in the presence of 5 nM mRANKL with or without 0.025-1.0 μg/mL OYC1, 1.0 μg/mL OYC2, or 0.1 μg/mL of OPG-Fc. The cells were(More)
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