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We demonstrated the transmission of a 10-GBaud, 16-level optical quadrature amplitude modulation signal over a 75-km single mode fiber. The signal was generated by a quad-parallel Mach-Zehnder optical modulator monolithically integrated on a LiNbO<sub>3</sub> substrate.
Successful transmission of live (real time) video traffic is demonstrated using a prototype 100 Gb/s single-polarization differential quadrature phase shift keying (DQPSK) transmitter and receiver over an in-service 504 km link of the LambdaXtreme ® optical transport platform. Teaming with Verizon Business, we demonstrate the feasibility of upgrading an(More)
Optical-path length difference of Mach-Zehnder structures embedded on an optical switch can be adjusted within less than 1.6 % of FSR of the structure, without detecting radiation mode of the structure.
160-Gb/s NRZ-DQPSK modulation is demonstrated with a thin-LiNbO<inf>3</inf>-substrate modulator. Using this substrate with a ridge-type waveguide structure can help realize an extension of a bandwidth and a decrease of a half-wave voltage of the modulator.