Kaoru Fujita

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Energy, a fundamental entity of modern life, is usually produced using fossil fuels as the primary raw material. A consequence of burning fossil fuels is the emission of environmentally harmful substances. Energy production systems generate steam and electricity that are served to different process customers to satisfy their energy requirement. The(More)
—Since their introduction in constructive cryptographic applications, pairings over (hyper)elliptic curves are at the heart of an ever increasing number of protocols. As they rely critically on efficient implementations of pairing primitives, the study of hardware accelerators has become an active research area. In this paper, we propose two coprocessors(More)
Source levels and phonation intervals of whistles produced by a free-ranging baiji (Chinese river dolphin) were measured in the seminatural reserve of Shishou in Hubei, China. A total of 43 whistles were recorded over 12 recording sessions. The mean dominant frequency (the frequency at the highest energy) was 5.7 kHz (s.d. = 0.67). The calculated source(More)
When evaluating catching efficiency of trawl nets for snow crabs, assessing crab behavior around the footrope is crucial. Using two underwater video cameras, we captured footage at three sections of footrope with different thicknesses and attack angles in relation to the towing direction: the belly, the lower wing gusset, and the wing sections. Based on the(More)
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