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Adhesion strength of DLC films on glass with mixing layer prepared by IBAD
Abstract The improvement of the adhesion of diamond-like carbon (DLC) films has been tried by ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD). The adhesion strength must be quantitatively evaluated andExpand
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[Determination of histamine in fish and fish products by tandem solid-phase extraction].
A simple and practical method was developed for the determination of histamine in fish and fish products by solid-phase extraction and fluorescence derivatization. Histamine was extracted withExpand
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A study of cavitation bubble collapse pressures and erosion part 1: A method for measurement of collapse pressures
Abstract A method for measuring the distribution of the pressures at collapse in caviation bubbles, and a data acquisition system, were studied in a magnetostrictive vibratory test. Impact loadsExpand
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Diamond-like carbon thin film formation by ion-beam-assisted deposition
A study has been made of the formation of diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin films on tungsten carbide (WC), high speed steel (SKH) and silicon (Si) wafer by ion-beam-assisted deposition (IBAD). CarbonExpand
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Effects of ion beam bombardment of carbon thin films deposited onto tungsten carbide and tool steels
Abstract A study was made of the effects of argon ion bombardment of carbon thin films deposited onto WC and tool steels. Carbon thin film deposition was performed at various temperatures rangingExpand
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Detection of Histamine in Fish and Fishery Products in Osaka Prefecture (Fiscal 2015 Report).
Histamine food poisoning is caused by ingestion of spoiled fish containing high levels of histamine. This paper reports cases in which histamine was detected in Osaka prefecture in fiscal year 2015Expand
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Effect of electron temperature on the DLC film properties
Abstract It is well known that diamond-like carbon (DLC) films made by plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) have such excellent tribological characteristics that the lifetimes of machine tools andExpand
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Surface coating by combining double-pulse plasma with plasma-based ion implantation
Summary form only given. A newly developed coating system, named HPPC (Hybrid Pulse Plasma Coating) System, incorporates PBH (Plasma-Based Ion Implantation) with double-pulse plasma CVD whichExpand
Effects of Hard Chromium Plating on Cavitation Erosion
The cavitation erosion of the hard chromium plating on steel was studied by vibratory erosion tests. The mass loss vs. exposure time curves are divided into three stages. The first stage is theExpand
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Development of hybrid pulse plasma coating system
A new plasma coating system is developed, which incorporates plasma-based ion implantation (PBII) with pulse-gas introduction, as well as pulse-plasma generation. This system operates by combiningExpand
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